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Are commercial and farm vehicles covered differently?

Yes. Typically, commercial vehicles and farm vehicles or equipment will be covered at 50% of the pro-rated warranty.

What if I have a multiple battery system?

In the event that you have a multiple battery system of two (2) or more batteries, only one battery will be covered under this warranty. The reason being is, one (1) faulty battery, will cause the remaining batteries to be only depleted of their cranking energy, or discharged. Once the warranted battery has been replaced, the remaining batteries should only require a full charge in order for full system recovery.

Does it matter what brand of replacement battery I purchase?

It is the goal of IBMA to resolve our customers' issues as quickly as possible, and so we do not limit you in having to locate the same original brand of battery. Our responsibility is coverage of the remaining portion of your original IBMA battery warranty.

How do I receive reimbursement of the unused warranty of my original battery?

Please Click Here for warranty instructions.

What is an original proof of purchase?

An original proof of purchase is the receipt that you obtained when your battery was purchased. In the event that you no longer have this receipt, you should be able to obtain this by calling your dealer that you purchased this battery from.

What is a pro-rata amount?

The pro-rata amount rate is the calculation of your original purchase amount divided by your total months of warranty. If you do not have your original proof of purchase, then the chart below will reflect the monthly pro-rata rate which will be utilized for your warranty reimbursement.